Punching Tools

Punching Tools

A punching tool is either installed in a die set or produced with a guide plate. The body of a punching tool is made up of a base plate, a die, a guide plate, a cutting punch, a punch retaining plate, a hardened punch pressure plate and a head plate with clamping pins.

The coil is fed either by a side cutter or a feeder. If only smaller quantities of parts are required, it is sufficient to stop the coil at a pin.

The arrangement of the workpieces that are to be cut can either be straight or diagonal whereby the level of utilization of the coil with an diagonal arrangement is more fa­vour­able. Between the single workpieces there are bars which keep the waste of the coil together.

In a progressive tool, the finished parts just as the waste fall down­wards. In a compound tool, only the waste of the coil falls whereas the workpieces are pressed back in the coil.

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