Sintered Ceramics

Sintered Ceramics

The Rehfuss Company has been manufacturing for many years pressing and calibration tools. Production of powder compacting tools as well as sizing tools for sintered metal components and sintered ceramics is our daily business. Parts produced by these tools are used in almost all branches of industry.

40 qualified and highly motivated employees guarantee precision and a maximum of reliability for delivery. In our own training workshop, we edu­cate newly qualified employees every year. All tools are produced on a customized basis according to specifications and construction draw­ings provided by our customers.

Tools for the Powder Metall­urgy and Sint­ered Ceramics

You can find products manufactured by E.R.B. in all kinds of vehicles from the powerful V8 engines to automatic gearboxes. Powder compacting tools made by E.R.B. are also used in medical engineering to produce artificial joints. The high durability of these parts makes them even usable for wind turbines and ship engines.

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