Rubber Drill Bits

Rubber tubes

E.R.B. Tubular Rubber Drills are seamless tubes with an extremely thin wall. They are made of an alloyed special tool steel, hardened and precisely grinded. E.R.B. heavy-duty rubber drills guarantee a long lasting cutting because of the special tool steel used. All tubular drilling holders are equipped with a No.

2 morse taper for direct mounting to conventional metal drilling machines as well as a side-on ejection-opening which guarantees perfect emptying of drilled parts. Of course other attach­ments are possible as well. E.R.B. tubular drilling holders are staggered in sizes and will accept rubber drills in 10 mm range of steps in cutting diameters.


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Tubular drilling holder No. 1 = 1 – 10 mm drilling diameter
Tubular drilling holder No. 2 = 11 – 20 mm drilling diameter
Tubular drilling holder No. 3 = 21 – 30 mm drilling diameter
Tubular drilling holder No. 4 = 31 – 40 mm drilling diameter

Drill tube holder

Our drill tube holders are equipped with Morse taper II for direct inser­tion into a metal drilling machine, whereby the Morse taper is ground exactly centrically to the tube holder. In this way an exact concentricity of the clamped drill tubes is guaran­teed. (The tube holders can also be made with a cylindrical shank).

The rubber drills are clamped into the respective drill tube holder with a round nut on the collar diameter, whereby an exact concentricity is additionally achieved. In addition, all of our holders are equipped with a lateral drop-out milling, which guaran­tees perfect emptying of the drilled material.

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